This assignment required the completion an observational exercise. The objective of this assignment was for me to understand how to take ethnographic field notes and draw conclusions through jottings, full observational notes, coding, and analysis. This assignment provided a real world experience in preparation to conduct my own research.

This assignment required the development of a qualitative research project. The objective of this assignment is to learn and understand how to write a qualitative research project. The timeline requirement provided guidance for completion of research that will be expected of me for meeting the requirements of the dissertation process.

This assignment required the development of a proposal for a field research study. The objective of this assignment is to learn the steps for developing a field research study. This assignment provided me guidance on the methodology and tools to consider for the dissertation.

This assignment required the development of a pilot field study inclusive of the IRB application. This assignment allowed for a true understanding the IRB process. This assessment allowed me to develop a qualitative methods study to explore the effects of the digital-use divide on active learning as perceived by school administrators and develop an understanding on its impact on student achievement. 

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